Share Expo Resources

Welcome to More Good Foundation’s Share Expo resource page. These resources are to help motivate and teach those interested in how to use social media to share the gospel online. These resources below are available to teach just that and to help you in your efforts to be a proactive social media missionary.

Promotional Information

The videos below will help you in sharing with those you serve with on how what sharing looks like and what some of our prophets and apostles have said about sharing the good message online. These video include promotion videos to hold an event and motivational videos as well.

Share Expo

Share Expo Summary Report

LDS Share Expo Documentary

YSA Stake LDS Share Fair


The Digital Mission Field

What the Apostles Say About Sharing the Gospel Online

Elder Bednar – Sweep the Earth as with a flood

Catch the Wave. Hasten the Work. Answer the Call.

Why You Should Be Part of the Mormon Conversation Online

Social Platform Trainings

The platform-specific trainings below are a step-to-step way to teach yourself and others on how to use the gospel as an online missionary.  This section includes platform-specific trainings, mini scripts and prezi’s that work together for a brief explanation of each platform and the official church explanation on each social media platform.

Download the April 2016 Facbeook/Instagram PowerPoint training 

Social Platform Supplements

Our platform-specific supplements are here to help you in sharing the gospel online.  These can be used in a FHE, class, or for even personal use.  Card handouts are specific to each platform, with a activities to do on each card, and great places to connect with groups and organization for each platform.  We also have you link you to our site, which is another great resource for sharing the gospel.  The activity sheet are fun activities that not only provide content when used, but teach how to do certain activities, like make a meme, so you can generate your own content.  Last of all are the digital guidebooks.  These are a simpler version of the platform-specific training, but are helpful to use as a lesson without great detail.


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