The Impact of One Post

Below is a comment found on a More Good Foundation website. We never know who may be affected by one post, one thought shared in New Media for friends of other faiths.

I viewed a couple of episodes of the new TLC reality show, “Sister Wives.” I Googled ‘polygamy beliefs‘ leading me to this website. I found it difficult to conceive exactly where this biblical practice could be founded on moral grounds. Your explanation put the question into perspective. I also, yesterday evening, had a young man as a guest in my home who happened to be Mormon. So I continued to browse the site. The passage on Mothers & Fathers’ Roles was written so eloquently, that I had to thank you. This coming from a former career woman who struggles w/ my new title every so often. My decision, of course, in knowing it’s the right thing for my family. The above description is right on in knowing where we should stand as mother/father, husband/wife before God. Thank you again. God Bless.

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