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I would definitely like to know a whole lot more on Mormonism. I’m just curious about this religion. I’m a Christian and I go to a Baptist church. I would like to know what they believe, their restrictions and more. I think it would be easier to share the gospel with many if I knew more.

Thank you,
madi 🙂


Zhilong, C.

I am a Chinese in Xiangtan city of Hunan province. Now I’m studying in Xiangtan University. I want to learn Mormons more. But my English is bad. So if there are Mormon Missionaries, can you ask them to call me?

My Tel is xxx.Thank you!


Marcia J.

I am currently taking lessons to convert. I have many questions about prophets and am seeking all the knowledge I can. I have come to be comfortable with the beliefs of the LDS church. My husband is a member and is answering a lot of questions but I enjoy finding the answers on my own as well. Thank you for the time and energy you have put into your website. President Hinckley made me believe prophets are possible, his kind gentle soul is missed.


Russian YouTube Channel

Thank you for your wonderful videos! My name is Roman, I live in Russia. I’m very interested in your religion! But in my city there’s no Mormon Church… Romeo Germi. Tambov, Russia



I have a daughter who is married to a Mormon and I have another daughter who is engaged to a Mormon and I am trying to understand this religion.  We are Baptist.


Can I be a Mormon even though I’m black and from another country?



Ed L.

Ed asked how one becomes a member of the Church.  MGF responded.  After some time, we followed up, and he wrote:

I am still researching the church some.  I work with four other men who are members, 3 return missionaries.  My friend has arranged for the missionaries to come to my home. Thanks for keeping in touch.  I will keep you updated.




I’m currently a non-Mormon living in Indiana who is reading the Book of Mormon and has become interested in possibly joining the Church with my family.



This site rocks! I am a 30 yr old married gal from NH. I was raised Catholic and 2 years ago was finally confirmed hoping that in some way it would finally make me feel part of that church. I was disappointed yet again and realized i had a hole in me that the Catholic Church had never filled. I have to be honest in the past I have made fun of Mormons and i am so sorry and realize it was out of jealousy. I was jealous that your families seemed so great when my family as a kid was far less than ideal. I was jealous that you were so serious about your beliefs….

So the reason I am here is now that I am all grown up and have a husband and a beautiful 4 yr old foster daughter.  I want what you all have I want a relationship with Heavenly Father I want to be a good mom and member of my community I want to be the best person I can be.



I am learning about the LDS faith and loving it.  Also, I’m attending a CES Adult class on “Lectures on Faith” in Salt Lake City.

I’ve read all 10 volumes of “The Work and Glory”.

On my birthday, I received my LDS scriptures ‘quad’…and I love it!

I love to go to Temple Square and concerts of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. I went to the Easter concert last weekend and President Thomas S. Monson and his wife were in attendance. What a surprise Blessing!!!

I would like to be baptized and join the Church!!! Please pray this will somehow be accomplished.



Message sent to Pam, site manager – I do sincerely appreciate the ability that we have in this forum to share opposing beliefs while still lending each other the respect, dignity, and Christian tone that seems to be very much alive. I thank you (as well as many others) for that. IMHO, the opportunity that exists to learn, appreciate, and share our different views represent a tremendous platform that WE ALL can gain from as well as be humbled by. I think this forum is filled (you certainly included) with several awesome people who respect and do there very best to contribute under the umbrella of love and Christianity. This is the main reason I have stayed and am now senior member.


Pablo ( – “Bueno soy cristiano catolico Romano saven ustedes los admiro mucho ya que son la unica iglesia junto con la ortodoxia que no habla mal de la nuestra de hecho nos respetan sin ofenderlos, verdaderamente ustedes son dignos de llamarlos hermanos pues bien si un hermano sud desea Hablar conmigo mi msn es … que Jesus les bendiga amen ¡Ave maria purisima! GLORIA AL PADRE HIJO Y AL EPSIRITU SANTO COMO ERA UNO EN EL PRINCIPO POR LOS SIGLOS DE SiGLOS AMEN”

Translation: Well, I’m a Roman Catholic Christian.  You know, I admire you very much since you’re the only church along with the orthodox that doesn’t speak ill of ours; in fact you respect us without offense.  Truly you are worthy to be called brothers, so if any brother wishes to talk to me my msn is ……may Jesus bless you amen.  Hale Mary! GLORY TO THE FATHER THE SON AND THE HOLY GHOST AS THEY WERE ONE FROM THE BEGINNING OF TIME, AMEN.



Aclaro que no soy miembro de la iglesia, pero me gusta leer y escuchar el libro de Mormón. Mi pregunta es, existe algún método u orden para leer el libro? ¿Simplemente sigo el índice? ¿Cómo debo leer el libro de Mormón? Aprecio de antemano la sugerencia que puedas darme.”

Translation – I have to clarify that I’m not a member of the Church, but I like to read and hear about the Book of Mormon.  Mi question is, is there a method or order in which to read the book?  Do I simply follow the index?  How should I read the Book of Mormon?  I appreciate beforehand the suggestion you may give me.



I watched some of your videos and I think that they are good. They made me cry, and feel all strange and happy, and loved? Does that sound crazy? I’m sorry to bother you, but I would really like to learn more. One of the video’s mentioned that families can be together forever. Could my family be? What if some of your family has already died? Do they go to hell like everyone says? Please may I learn more about your religion? Do you accept new people? Thank you for your time.
I am very curious to learn more about your church. I watched the video about Joseph Smith. It made me cry, and feel all strange and happy. Maybe it was just me……and I am being silly. But I really think it made me feel something. I would sincerely like to know more. Can I? Does your church accept new people? Would I have to move to Utah? Thank you for your time.

—Diane (Dia for short)

Thanks forgetting back to me. I really enjoyed chatting with the missionary and I think that i would like to learn more about your church. You guys seem really nice. I’m going to be mailed a Book of Mormon FOR FREE! I’m very excited. Thanks again, and sry for not getting back to you very quickly.

–smiles and thanks— Dia

__________________________________________________________________________________ (Family History Testimony/Post)

Words fail me.  And that’s rare.  But this testimony is a gift to me.  Thank you for giving it.  Thank you so much.It was so refreshing dear sister, I found so many similarities between your story and mine, though I must confess I should be more steadfast in asking for heaven’s powers to be able to do what I know can be fulfilled just by doing what I have to, just as Nephi promises.

Thank you for sharing your witness.