Here are a few of our stories from those who have felt the influence of More Good Foundation’s effort, and those who have joined the Church by introduction of the Gospel through one of our websites. You can receive additional stories by viewing and subscribing to our blog.

italian baptismSerena

“Penso che ieri sia stato il giorno più emozionante della mia vita. Il battesimo è stato…meraviglioso.  Sono rimasti molto sorpresi dalla presenza del Presidente di Missione. E’ stato un giorno veramente speciale. L’emozione era quasi palpabile…la potevo leggere nei volti di tutti i membri, in quello del presidente di ramo. Tutti erano così Felici, ed io…sono immensamente grata di questo. Ho trovato una famiglia meravigliosa e delle persone stupende. Non sò se riuscirò mai ad essere grata abbastanza, per questa grande benedizione che ho ricevuto.”

I think yesterday was the most emotional day of my life. The baptism was…marvelous. It ‘was a very special day. The excitement was almost palpable … I could read it in the faces of all members. Everyone was so happy, … and I am immensely grateful for that. I found a wonderful family and beautiful people. I do not know if I’ll ever be able to express gratitude enough for this great blessing that I received.


“It is official!!!! Today I was baptized and it was amazing. I truly felt like a huge weight was lifted off me when I came out of the water. I am so happy to be a member of the church. I know the church is true, and after several years of back and forth, I am home . . . .And I would like to thank everyone on this site as well that has helped me along over the last year or so as well. You all are great!!”


“I have watched your conversion video on MGF’s YouTube channel 4 times now. Yes, it is true, I have a date set for the 29th of March to be baptized. I am so excited! I have been talking with another on who is getting baptized around the same time. God bless you Karen, you know you were the first contact I had ever had in the LDS Church, as far as I am concerned all of these good things would not have happened without you. Your testimony, as well as the other testimonies from MGF and other sites, really made things happen. You are an inspiration.”


In this young man’s initial comment on one of our More Good Foundation sites,, our new friend told us that he thought that the missionaries were “med students” because of the way they dress, says Fabiola Sikes, Manager of our Spanish sites.  He wanted to know if the doors to our chapels were open to everybody.  I invited him to attend and I gave this golden referral to the MTC:  The missionaries taught him and now he´s a changed man. I´m very happy to share it with you. (Fabiola)

His testimony in Spanish follows this English translation:

My Mormon testimony.  I started by wondering who the Mormons were and what duties they have.  I wanted to have contact with them. I visited the site for the first time and contacted Mrs. Fabiola.  She sent the missionaries to the Esmeralda area.  They in turn sent the ones that go to a meeting house in Barranquilla where I live.  They visited me until I decided to join the Church.  I felt such peace and joy.  They don´t smoke or drink or use drugs and don’t drink caffeine.  I saw how they rejoiced with one another and are united in their families.  I used to be like Joseph Smith; I was confused and didn’t know which religion was true.  I didn’t think about it twice; I´m attending the Church each Sunday and attending a class.  In fact, as a coincidence, my name is Joseph just like the prophet.  For me this is a great honor.  I testify that the Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, Pearl of Great Price and the prophet Joseph Smith are true.  In fact, I got baptized on February 15th at 5 pm. and on February 28 I turned 28 years old.  I want to travel to other cities in Colombia first and then go to other countries to share my testimony and teach other brothers and families the change I had and how this religion changed my life and my soul forever.

Mi testimonio mormón es quienes eran los mormones cuales son sus deberes ,y tener contacto con ellos la primera vez entre a la pagina , de www.laiglesiamormona y me contacte con la Sra. Fabiola ella a su vez me contacto con unos Élderes del barrio de la esmeralda y luego ellos me contactaron con otros que ivan a una iglesia de la avenida murillo un barrio de barranquilla pues yo vivo en murillo estos estan en la ciudad de Barranquilla colombia,yo vivo en Barranquilla es una ciudad ubicada en colombia  por lo siguiente ellos me visitaban hasta que yo decidi ir a la iglesia , senti una paz y un gozo no fuman no toman licor, no usan drogas y no toman cafeina entoce vi que ellos se regosijaban y son unidos como una familia , yo era anteriormente como jose smith estaba confundido no sabia a que religión era la verdadera  yo no pense ni una ni dos veces estoy asistiendo a la iglesia todos los domingos y asistiendo a clase de echo que hay una casualida mi primer nombre es Jose aligual que el profeta y para mi es un gran honor pues yo testifico que el libro mormon ,doctrina y convenio, la perla del gran precio y el profeta jose smith son verdadero y doy fe lo atestiguo y que la IGLESIA DE JESUCRISTO DE LOS SANTOS DE LOS ÚLTIMOS DÍAS es la iglesia verdadera de hecho me bautise el 13 de febrero de 2010 a las 5 de la tarde y el 28 de febrero de 2010 cumpli 28 años quiero viajar primero en toda las ciudades de mi pais colombia y luego irme a otros paises para enseñar mi testimonio y enseñar a otros hermanos y familiares de otras personas el cambio que yo tube y que esta religión me cambio mi vida y mi alma por el resto de mi vida.



Annu was curious about Mormonism, and her Internet research led her to an anti-Mormon forum. She felt mislead and sought out other Mormon sites, which led her to As a result of her interactions online, she decided to contact the missionaries, gaining a testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ and entering the waters of baptism on March 17, 2008.



Out  of all the billion websites on the net, I was led to to discover the wonderful truth about the Church and the amazing power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ.

I’m still discovering more and more about the Church, using along with actually going to Church services. If it weren’t for, I wouldn’t have called the Church missionaries and been baptized. To be honest, I needed the support from to build up my courage to visit the missionaries and go to services the first time.

Derick was baptized on March 8, 2008.


Gian Piero

Tra i vari risultati che escono su google quelli della MGF (Fondazione per il Meglio) sono tra i primi, e si distinguono perchè a differenza di altri fanno continuo riferimento alle scritture, le dottrine sono chiare, e questo mi ha aiutato molto. Per un mese e mezzo ho letto della Chiesa su internet e poi ho telefonato per chiedere un colloquio con gli Anziani…Io devo veramente ringraziarla, su internet si legge tanta spazzatura sulla Chiesa, tante falsità e tante cattiverie. Grazie a lei abbiamo anche persone che difendono la Verità! -Gian Piero



JOY, JOY, JOY! I will be officially LDS! Thank you to all who have prayed for me and made this day possible. This Thanksgiving Day will be one of total gratitude!


Eternal Promise

I was finally baptized on Saturday, June 10, 2009, and confirmed on Sunday as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints! Saturday was so amazing!

I had 3 missionaries who played a major role in getting me where I am today. Another resource that helped me and confirmed my choice to join the Church was the More Good Foundation websites and forum, I found about a year and two months before I started taking the discussions, and little did I know that I found my online family. The resources that LDSnet has to offer proved to be immensely invaluable! It probably would have taken me a little longer to finally contact the missionaries and take the steps that I have if it weren’t for the hard work and dedication of the More Good Foundation. Hopefully one day I will be able to give back to’s online community by helping to moderate and have the same influential effect as others have had on me.


Michele is a 44-year old convert from England. She attended the church in her teens for about five years, but she was never baptized. She participated in ldstalk. com since March 2003, after deciding that her life was not heading in the direction she desired. Her purpose was to make friends with people who held high standards that she desired to incorporate in her own life. Just after launched, she started talking with the missionaries and desired to become a member.


I´m so happy to share with you some good news (Spanish site manager, Fabiola, right, her husband left, and Fanny and family who were baptized center).  We had two baptisms this past Sunday. Fanny Ceballos from L.A. wrote to our site last year in August.  She wanted to know more about the Church and had questions about tithing and the purpose of life.  I gave her the link to   After two weeks she was contacted by the sister missionaries.    She has wanted to join our Church since the first day, but was unable to [for personal reasons]….  She continued to attend Church and have faith.  Two weeks ago she told me that her 10 year old son would be baptized on April 4th right after General Conference.  Then she called  to tell me the good news–she would be baptized.  I told her how much I wanted to be there but was unable due to our financial situation.  Also, Alan, my husband, had to set up the projector and translation equipment that weekend for Conference.   Just as everything came together for Fanny that week so she could get baptized, everything came together for us on Friday to be able to attend her baptism.  Arrangements were made and we drove to L.A.

After General Conference all the missionaries and a good number of members from her branch came to witness this event.  The Spirit was very strong.  Just before the ordinance we experienced the effects of the earthquake in Baja.  After the ordinance took place Fanny cried tears of joy.  She waited six months for that moment!  Now she wants her husband to join her, but that will take some time.  She shared her testimony and thanked everybody who helped her along the way.


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