How to Blog

What is a blog?

“Blog” is short for “Web log” — an online log, or journal, of your thoughts and writings.

The following short video from WPMU DEV does an excellent job of illustrating what a blog is. Click the Play button to begin.

Why should I start a blog?

When speaking to students at BYU-Hawaii, Elder Ballard said, “Most of you already know that if you have access to the Internet you can start a blog in minutes and begin sharing what you know to be true.” Blogging allows you to share your beliefs with the world, or with your corner of the world.

Is blogging difficult?

Church member Jeff Lindsay has been blogging for a long time. He says blogging is not easy: “Be prepared for a long haul if you want to do any good. Most bloggers stop after a few weeks.” You’re most likely to enjoy blogging if you have an affinity for writing or enjoy seeing your name “in print.”

Why not get in the habit of blogging each Sunday evening? You could write about what you learned in Church that day or why you’re thankful for a specific Gospel principle.

Where do I begin?

You can sign up for a free blogĀ on blogging sites like or If you’re interested in starting a blog using your own domain name (your own Web address), we’d be glad to help.