In addition to websites, More Good Foundation creates interactive online applications and maintains a presence in several online social networking communities.


The LDS App – With over 40k users, The LDS App allows members to easily share their beliefs with friends on Facebook. The LDS App has sections for sharing scriptures, testimonies, gospel artwork, missionary information, temple information, and LDS news. There are also several scripture mastery games included.

More Good Foundation Fan Page is a great place to keep up to date on LDS news and current events. The fan pages makes it easy to share with your friends and family on Facebook. Fan Page is for members of our popular social networking site This allows members to share news and updates with friends and family on Facebook.


More Good Foundation has over 1900 videos online in several different languages. Some of our most popular channels on Youtube are

MoreGoodFoundation – Main Channel
– Church Videos, English
– Mormon Music, Various Languages
178generalconference – General Conference, English
CreenciasMormonas – Spanish
mormons1830 – Portuguese
mormoni1830 – Italian
mormon321 – German
mormon7000 – French
mormon400 – Japanese
mormon9000 – Russian
mormon8000 – Korean
mormon300 – Mandarin
mormon401 – Cantonese

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